Choosing a Florida Moving Provider

Here is a list of the Top Ten Moving and Storage companies and providers that are located in Florida


Florida, as you know, is a huge relocation hot spot for United States retiree’s as well as anyone looking to head over to a beautiful location and create a life.  Because of this, there are many moving companies to be found in the state of Florida.  Some are excellent and deserve to be recognized.  Others are not so great.

“My husband Keith and I recently bought a condo in Southern Florida.  Thank goodness for this site.  We found the best movers!”

– Marcie W.

Beginning on your journey to find the appropriate moving service for your move is very tough and intimidating.  That is why I created this site.  In my short 32 years of life, I’ve already moved 5 times.  I’ve used an apartment mover as well as long distance movers for many of my moves. I’ve hired top of the line, first class auto transport movers such as Charter moving to ship my three BMW’s to and from several different states.  I’ve had plenty of experience helping friends and family move as well.  I made it my mission to making the moving experience easier and more pleasant by connecting Florida movers with the top services for their move.

Moving doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience if you are connected to movers or brokers who are there to help and make your life easier.  This site is here to do just that!

Here are some of the Moving Companies and Moving Providers that are Top Rated in Florida

  1. Movers Inc.:

Movers Inc. is a moving and storage service that has been in business for 25 plus years.  It is a family owned company with corporate office in Miami.  Movers Inc. is best known for its corporate moving services, which boast quick moves to any location with efficient and hight quality movers who are equipped to move just about any size business any where you need.

2. Charter Van Lines

Well known as one of the nation’s top Interstate Movers, Charter Van Lines offers First Class Auto Transport Services that go above and beyond.  I used Charter Van Lines several years back for my vehicle transport during a move.  I was extremely happy with the quality of service and care of my vehicle.

This company is also known for moving services and storage facilities.  So, for anything long distance, they are well connected and equipped!

3.  Boca Raton Moving Company:

Again, another excellent moving service.  Boca Raton Moving Company offers local, state to state, corporate and first class auto transport moving services.  I personally used this company for a local move from Fort Lauderdale to Miami Beach, where I happily live now with my boyfriend and dog Charles.  I was very surprised with Boca Raton Moving Company’s competitive rates.  Also, they were very timely and nothing was lost in transit during the move.

4.  Miami Moving LLC

I helped my grandmother relocate several years back and we chose Miami Moving LLC.  They are long distance moving providers that do moves from just about anywhere in the US to Miami.  They were so great with customer service and helping us to organize the move.  They are a full service moving company.  Of course, my grandmother couldn’t handle packing everything up herself, so Miami Moving did all of that for her.  She was very happy with the move.

4.  A1 Van Lines

A1 Van Lines is a long distance moving service.  They offer very good rates especially on apartment moving and are friendly on the phone.  You can call them twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.  They also specialize in emergency last minute moves.  They have locations all over the country.  In Boston, New York, Florida, Chicago, and LA.  They are also very good with auto transport and deal with many dealerships for vehicle transport

5.  Ally Moving

Ally moving is the number one apartment moving service in the United States.  They  do apartment and dorm moving primarily.  They are able to do local or long distance but specialize in smaller scale moving services.  I used Ally moving a while back  and was very pleased with their services.  I’ve also recommended them to many of my friends who love them and have used them for moves continuously.  If you are looking for great apartment movers, you should choose Ally Moving.

10 things to do before and after moving

Moving into a new place can be exciting but there are many individuals that are scared when it comes to unpacking all the boxes. You are confused only because you have not managed everything properly and you do not have a plan. Here we have 10 things that you need to do before and after moving into a new place. Pay attention!

Clean the house

Before you move into your new place it is important that you have it professionally cleaned. It will give you the peace of mind that you will not be welcomed by dust, debris and small animals waiting to welcome you.

Change your address

One of the most important things that you have to do is to change your address.

  1. Inform your bank about the new location
  2. Let the insurance company know that you have moved
  3. Your office needs to know as well.

Inform your friends

Do not forget to inform your friends that you have moved because there are chances they might come to surprise you. When you are surrounded by boxes the best thing that can happen is your friend visiting with some comfort food and drinks.

Connect the internet

Make sure that you get your internet connection on as soon as you are in the new place. If you have the smart home system, it is the first thing you have to do so that most of your home will be automatically organized.

Have a plan for kids and pets

If you have kids and pets, assure that you have a plan for them. Remember that the last thing you want is your kids or pets creating a mess in the house that has not even been organized yet.

Get some energy

You are going to do a lot of organization in the place. It is important that you get your energy level high before you get started. Take some rest, have something to eat or visit your favorite place. It will help relax your mind.

Start the unpacking

Start unpacking the boxes. There is no need to start with the bigger ones. Assure that you unpack the vulnerable items first and keep them in a secure place. This way you will not damage them while working on some other major projects.

Have a first night box

While you are packing the boxes before moving, it is important that you pack a first night box that will allow you to have a good night sleep if your bed has not been organized. Sleeping on the couch is not very good.

Start organizing the contents

In the beginning, take it slow. There is no need to rush. Start with the furniture so your house will have a structure. From there you can move on.

Assure to get spare keys made

As soon as you move, make sure that you get a pair of spare keys. It is important because you and your partner might be going out in the morning. Without having a spare key, things might get tough.

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The Story Behind LG Express Moving

Nick, the CEO and author of the LG Express Moving website, has moved many times in his 32 years of life.  His last three moves were all local moves in Florida.  He set out to create a business that could connect individuals with moving services located in Florida.  He wanted to make moving easy and comfortable for the everyday mover.


“I’m so proud of myself for creating a business that is out for the betterment of society.  It is very difficult to find quality and reputable movers. LG Express Moving is able to do that.”

Nick Johnson, CEO of LG Express Moving