LG Express Moving is here to make your life easier.

Florida, as you know, is a huge relocation hot spot for United States retiree’s as well as anyone looking to head over to a beautiful location and create a life.  Because of this, there are many moving companies to be found in the state of Florida.  Some are excellent and deserve to be recognized.  Others are not so great.

Beginning on your journey to find the appropriate moving service for your move is very tough and intimidating.  That is why I created this site.  In my short 32 years of life, I’ve already moved 5 times.  I’ve used an apartment mover as well as long distance movers for many of my moves. I’ve had plenty of experience helping friends and family move as well.  I made it my mission to making the moving experience easier and more pleasant by connecting Florida movers with the top services for their move.

“I’m so proud of myself for creating a business that is out for the betterment of society.  It is very difficult to find quality and reputable movers. LG Express Moving is able to do that.”

Nick Johnson, CEO of LG Express Moving